My Community Table

The journey to my community table began almost thirty years ago.  As a young woman, I left home to study sociology at a small Christian college in San Diego, California.  My university path intersected with my husband’s and together we’ve traveled through two decades of homemaking and raising our three sons. Throughout that time I’ve provided relational care to my community through a variety of church ministries, volunteer opportunities, and as a medical social worker.  My vocational wanderings and passions ultimately led me to my lifework of gathering loved ones around my table to care for them through shared meals.  

I am raising my family in the same community where my husband and I attended university.  Since 2010 young adults – mostly recent graduates from our alma mater – have been invited to gather weekly around my table to share a family meal.  Young women join us on Mondays, and young men on Thursdays.

A few years ago we outgrew our dining room table, and so our Thursday Night Guys crafted and built a table that seats 20 for our backyard patio.  Our community tradition is that everyone who shares a meal at The Table signs it with a sharpie marker.  And when those who have become a part our community move on to their next chapter, I give them a set of used silverware from my kitchen drawer, wrapped in a cloth napkin, and a note that says “Because you’ll always have a place at our table.”

Sharing meals around my table has invited me to witness God’s kingdom of light and love on earth as it is heaven.  I hope this blog would be a place that draws us closer to experiencing this gift that hospitality offers – a glimpse of the great feast in heaven that we will someday share together with Jesus.