Soufra is an Arabic word that means “a long table filled with many good things to eat”.

“Soufra” is also an inspiring documentary about a community of women living in a refugee camp in Lebanon who connect with each other through food, and create hope by overcoming multiple obstacles to develop a catering and food truck business.

I watched this documentary on a recent flight.  The beauty and strength of these women using cooking to overcome ethnic differences, generational poverty, and systematic injustices is stunning.

View the trailer, watch the documentary on Amazon Prime or purchase their cookbook.  (From the Soufra Film website: The women of Soufra are full partners in the publication of the cookbook. They will share equally in proceeds from its sales, which will contribute to the ongoing development of the camp’s Children’s Center and School in the refugee camp featured in the film.)

If you watch Soufra, please tell us about your experience in the comments.

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