One of the biggest challenges to hosting a community meal isn’t necessarily asking for help, but knowing how to best organize the group of people who are willing.  So often doing things ourselves actually is easier than pausing every time someone comes through our front door to think through who is already doing which tasks, and what help is still needed.

That is why I love this idea by Sarah Harmeyer.  A simple cloth bag, filled with tokens imprinted with all the jobs you need help with.  As guests come in they simply draw a token from the bag and know how they can jump in and help.

Sarah’s story is the inspiration for my table.  And she recently launched a website called “Neighbors Table”.  It is a beautiful.  The photos and the posts are deeply inspiring.  If you are interested in topics related to hospitality, sharing meals, and community – you definitely want to spend some time visiting her site.

I ordered my table tokens from the shop on the website.  And then purchased a bag of wooden tokens from a local craft store and added a few more with specific jobs that I want help with at my community dinners.

Simply lovely.

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