The menu was Mediterranean.  The potluck was DELICIOUS.  The table was gorgeous.  And it wasn’t mine.

The guest list was made up of 12 people who know each other at varying depths, from acquaintances to soul-bearing.  We gathered around Matt & Lindsay’s table because of our collective desire to share life by sharing food.  And together we’ve created a monthly supper club.

Sitting at someone else’s table – my soul being fed and nourished by someone else’s hospitality – reminded me how delightful it is to be a guest.

Even though I love to gather people around my table – Supper Club teaches me that to be a good host invites us to also invest time being a guest.

Being nourished at another person’s table:

  • breaths life into my passion for hospitality.
  • teaches me fresh ideas about how to host, entertain, organize, and care for the needs of people in my home.
  • reminds me that the meaningful connections I make with people at my community table are rooted in who I am rather than what I do.

The last point is important enough to repeat – being a guest gives us an opportunity to connect with other people simply because of who we are rather than what we can do.

If we are always the one hosting and serving, it becomes very easy to rely on our ability to DO things as our means of making meaningful connections.  There is something raw and beautiful and vulnerable and necessary in letting other people get to know us when we aren’t doing anything for them.

I believe that this is a significant way that we connect to the delight God feels for us because of who we are – His beloved creation.

If you are reading this because you love to practice hospitality, I hope you have many opportunities to be a guest at another’s table.  Connecting to an awareness of the value of who we are, not just the beauty of what we do is a practice that completes the circle of loveliness created by our passions for hospitality.

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