I love to love people with food.  And when life is too hectic to cook, I love guests with pizza delivery.

The heart of hospitality is not serving great food to your guests.  It is inviting people into our homes to receive the gifts of care and belonging.  Sometimes I have the energy to do that with homemade food, and some days I don’t.  The trick is honestly assessing what can I provide with the resources available to me every time company is coming – and that includes not just financial resources, but time and energy as well.

Saturday was very full. I worked all day and hosted out of town friends for dinner. I opted to take a nap in-between work and dinner, and then order pizza rather than cook.  That evening, exhausting myself in the kitchen and then feeling fried when my friends arrived would have robbed the joy of gathering with them around my table.

I set my alarm to wake up from my nap in time to order pizza, set the table, light some candles.  I served my guests a lovely meal that took 5 minutes to prepare.  And so at the end of a busy day, I was refreshed and glad to spend the evening visiting with out of town friends around my dining table.

People are always more important than the food. And our tables can be just as inviting with take-out when our motivation is to make meaningful connections by sharing a meal.

Homemade food is optional.

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