“Let’s stop introducing the people we love based solely on what they do, who they cash their checks from, or what’s on their twitter profiles. Let’s instead start reminding them of who they are. Let’s start conversations that don’t begin and end with who has the most interesting job in the room.” – Cadence Turpin

For 20 years I was a stay at home mom.  During that time I experienced the sense of isolation Cadence Turpin describes on countless occasions.  I often felt uninteresting in new groups because I didn’t have a career to identify myself by.

Cadence Turpin’s article, “A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends at Parties”  is a breath of fresh air that invites everyone to be known by who they are rather than by what they do.

Her post challenges all of us to build community in a better way, “Networking builds an empire, but thoughtful introductions build a community. Where will you lay your bricks?”


  1. With your permission, Wendy, I would like to introduce you as, “Wendy Kessler, the woman who introduxed herself when she saw a sad girl struggling with her future. Who would’ve guessed that over 20 years later, she would still be one of the brightest aspects of my life. “


    1. This is so sweet Kimberly. It made my day. I would like to introduce you as my lifelong friend who continually shows me grace and unconditional love. And who also single-handedly made my high school experience a lot more fun!


  2. Wendy, we have a mutual friend in Holly Smith. I am really enjoying your posts and am so grateful for your heart’s passion of practicing hospitality in your home. It seems to be a lost virtue but it is such a powerful community builder and builds bridges between hearts. Thank you for writing your thoughts behind this treasured act of love!


  3. Good stuff my friend … I keep getting encouraged with better ways to truly embrace and engage in my community and circles! Thanks for your heartfelt writings.


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