I am in love with HEARTISTRY: the art of welcome.

It is a lovely site about inviting people into the beautiful space that we create at our tables so that we can affirm others value and worth.

I feel strongly that you don’t have to decorate your table with magnificent centerpieces or themed designs to host a meaningful gathering.  And I often state that simple spaces are sacred because of the friendship that is shared, not because they are photo-worthy.

BUT if it brings you joy to invest your time and resources into creating a beautiful space around your table for friends and family, then you should do that!  It’s wonderful to use our gifts and passions to add beauty into other peoples lives.

If creating something beautiful to share with your loved ones is life-giving to you then you need to check out HEARTISTRY.  The ideas and photos Lyn Johnson shares on her site are inspiring.


  1. Thank you Wendy for sharing about Heartistry. It was so beautifully written and I say a loud amen to every word! I have a motto that says, “bless not impress” and when that is our focus, everything falls into line. True hospitality is about the other person feeling comfortable and at home. It is not about me, how perfect my home is or how fancy my table looks!
    My passion is to motivate people to practice hospitality. I think putting pretty and inspiring things out there can act as the “carrot” which works far better than the stick of “aught”!
    By the way I am also a huge fan of Neighbors Table!


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